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About Friends of Carter Caves


The Friends of Carter Caves was organized in 2008 to be a support group to Carter Caves. We assist by helping to advance park goals.  In light of the current economic environment, both nationally and specifically, the state park system, there are many projects in which a Friends group such as ours can be a valuable asset to the park.  Thru the Friends group we can work with park officials to accomplish projects that without our assistance would be difficult to complete.   

The Friends of Carter Caves recently received a grant to provide interpretive materials for park staff. A Kentucky Long rifle, pioneer period costumes, and other accessories will enable the staff to better explain the history of Carter Caves to the many school groups and tourists that visits the park.  Another part of the grant will provide a teacher field guide for school groups visiting the park. Members of the group are working on a quilt that will be displayed in the Lodge. This quilt features historic scenes of the park area.

This past year, the Friends group initiated a newsletter that contains articles about the park, a calendar of events, and other information about the group’s activities. This is available electronically and requests to be included on the newsletter list can be directed to our editor Steve Duncan at:  Any articles or information that you feel might be pertinent to the membership may be submitted.

Also, we are attempting to take advantage of any and all technology that can enable us to connect with the membership and interested individuals more efficiently.  Brian Saul is working to broadcast our meetings via the Internet so that members unable to attend physically can do so virtually.  Jonathon Lewis has developed a “yahoo group” that in the near future will allow members to communicate with one another, and allow all members to keep tabs of information that is relevant to everyone.  These resources are designed to help you receive the most benefit in your membership.  Stay tuned to future updates on these features as we implement them into use.

As you can see there is a lot to be excited about!  We want you to be a part of this dynamic, active organization. We believe great things are ahead for our group. Your involvement is needed and welcomed!  All memberships and donations are tax deductible.

Please visit our membership page to join. Please also consider making a donation today!


John Tierney,
Acting Chairperson
Friends of Carter Caves


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